Academic Advisory Council

 Caroline Flammer, Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University 

The Academic Advisory Council advises the Center for Sustainable Business on current sustainability and social impact trends in business schools and higher educational settings, provides direction for innovative teaching and research agendas, and acts as a sounding board for CSB outputs. In their advisory role, Councilors will be asked to contribute to the depth and quality of research and teaching produced by the CSB in the following ways:

  • Review the research priorities of the CSB and evaluate them on key dimensions, such as (1) applicability to industry, (2) potential to impact scholarly research in the field of business, (3) original approach to measurement or methodology, (4) degree of interdisciplinarity, and (5) potential to impact (positively or negatively) society or the environment.
  • Offer suggestions for new research priorities and/or examples of cutting-edge research related to corporate sustainability, including specific publications or citations.
  • Provide examples and guidance regarding current innovations in business school teaching and training models that focus on (or are strongly related to) various dimensions of corporate sustainability.
  • Help to identify areas for innovation in sustainable business teaching and training.