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PhD Coursework

BUSADM 3030 Research in Sustainability: Managing the Triple Bottom Line

Course overview and objectives

Issues such as climate change and global warming, human rights, and health and sanitation for all have garnered significant attention in recent years. Leading businesses realize that it is no longer enough to maximize profits and cater to shareholders but as well critical to integrate the wellbeing of the planet and its people into their business models. Such a transformation to managing the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit requires us to look at business and its operations through a new lens. This doctoral seminar will focus on theories, concepts, and methodologies that we can use to understand the role of the firm in 21st century society and develop strategies for long run sustainability. The course will be interdisciplinary, drawing on literature in strategy, marketing, organizational behavior, operations, and finance as well as methods spanning from lab experiments to structural equation models to understand the conditions under which creating social and environmental value can drive business value. The course will feature academic guest speakers from the aforementioned disciplines of business to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability research.

Competencies developed

Overall, the course aims to develop the following competencies:

Understanding current challenges and opportunities in sustainability, with particular attention to the role of multiple actors. Understanding the contingent conditions under which sustainability initiatives yield positive business and social returns. Conducting state-of-the-art conceptual and empirical research in the area of sustainability.