Upcoming Events

October 22, 2020 | Earth Day Sustainable Business Breakfast

The CSB is partnering with other organizations around Pittsburgh to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. CSB Director CB Bhattacharya will join senior corporate leaders on a panel at the annual Sustainable Business Breakfast, which will be held virtually.

October 23, 2020 | BSR Virtual 2020
"Rethinking Growth and Prosperity during Global Crises"

CSB Director CB Bhattacharya will be participating in the following panel discussion at the BSR 2020 Virtual Conference:

The pursuit of ever-greater economic growth has failed to deliver on the promise of prosperity for all, while also pushing our planet beyond capacity. The dual crises of COVID-19 and racial injustice, especially in the U.S., have laid bare deep inequalities and highlighted the extreme vulnerability of large portions of the working class, despite years of increased productivity and economic growth. Meanwhile, a near complete pause of business for months resulted in the greatest environmental gains since World War II, while also exposing how far we still are from meeting critical targets. Panelists from government, academia, and the private sector will discuss the paths forward, how we can rethink the traditional link between growth and prosperity, and implications in the face of climate change, persistent inequality, and now, massive unemployment.

October 29 | Amplifying Black Voices for a Sustainable Economic Future

This moderated panel of local Black business-owners and sustainability professionals will discuss (1) the linkages (or lack thereof) between racial justice and sustainability strategy in business settings; (2) what it means to identify as a sustainability professional, why some people choose not to, and how that affects access to professional networks and opportunities; (3) why the “social” element of the equity dimensions of corporate sustainability and CSR frameworks must be grounded in community; (4) the importance of the language used to talk about sustainability and economic development; and (5) how policymaking (within companies and within communities) can move us towards a more equitable and sustainable economic future. Register here.